Change is inevitable. How we respond is a choice. Some people fear change. Others freeze in its presence. Visionary leaders don’t just adapt to change. They lead it. Rather than put the business first, they put people first. They create a sustainable vision to drive  growth and social impact, and leave a legacy that changes business for good.

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Start inside

Teams that are aligned with a sustainable purpose increase earnings per share by 147%. Look at Unilever, Virgin and Patagonia. And yet over 85% of organizations don’t know how to do this.* Visionary leaders enable an organization’s full capabilities to emerge. They turn purpose into action by enabling their people. Visionary leaders don’t impose their vision. They enable their people to find themselves (their essence) in that vision… or even better to help create it.
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*State of the Global Workforce, 2016, Gallup

And we’ve done this

Take a bank. We did. Just another sector in crisis, just another company trying to regain customer trust and confidence. We brought together 10 people over 18 months. The output was a sustainable vision and a roadmap that combined over £500 million of investment and saved over £50 million in the process. The outcome was even more impressive – a group of people who transcended the challenges they faced and demonstrated that in order to create real breakthroughs you have to become the change.
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  • June, 8-11 2017: Medical Association | Keynote, Prague
  • May, 2-4 2017: Associations Congress | Keynote, Vienna
  • May, 2-4 2017: World Bank | Conference, Washington DC
  • April, 5 2017: #BornToCreate | Tesla | Exhibition | Panel
  • April, 5 2017: ebbf | Impact Hub | Keynote, Zurich
  • January, 30-31 2017: Communications Agency | Workshop, London
  • January, 27 2017: US Federal Government | Workshop, Washington DC
  • January, 23-26 2017: Technology company | Retreat, Palo Alto
  • October, 12 2016: #BeCreativeEverywhere exhibition, Washington DC, Google
  • October, 8 2016: 100 visionaries conference, Washington DC, Marriott Hotel
  • September, 30 2016: Medical association workshop, London
  • September, 15 2016: Medical association workshop, Bern
  • August, 5 2016: Medical association workshop, Amsterdam
  • July, 26 2016: Samsung workshop, London
  • July,20 2016: ‘Change’ exhibition, Mother, Shoreditch, London
  • June,29 2016: Official Creative Leadership launch event,La Reserve Geneva
  • April, 22 2016: International humanitarian organisation, Geneva
  • April, 13 2016: Medical association workshop, Malaga
  • April, 11-12 2016: Associations Network Congress, Berlin