#Balance – How can leaders, teams and organizations transition from problems to purpose and leave the legacy they were born to create?
Extreme artist and innovation specialist Alex Inchbald explains…

Are too many of us off-balance today? Overwhelmed by information and exhaustion, we flip-flop between apparent opposites, one moment driven by purpose, the next by problems. We have flashes of genius, interspersed with periods of struggle. We love our work and our family, but often can’t balance our time between them. We know our health is important, but we can push ourselves beyond our limits.

Many people are searching for their plateau of peace but it never arrives. And even if it does and they do find balance then they find the rest of their team or organization don’t. The symptoms of this imbalance are higher levels of divorce, depression, disease, sleep deprivation, addiction and debt for individuals, disengagement, division and distrust for organizations, and defensiveness, disasters and destruction for the planet. And yet, breakthroughs emerge amidst the tension of opposites.

Alex Inchbald believes we need a new framework that enables us to build on the best of both worlds by placing purpose at the heart of everything we do. And he believes we need it fast claiming,

“Focusing on the symptoms will not solve the problem. We need to get to the root-cause. Purpose-centred people and organizations that create what they were born to create are the only antidote to a world devoid of meaning where Artificial Intelligence will replace millions of jobs; biotechnology will create élite super-humans; and climate change will affect billions”

In his groundbreaking debut book, extreme artist and innovation specialist, Alex Inchbald, describes a model to guide you, your team, and your organization to transition from problems to purpose by developing the vision, mind-set, business model, and roadmap to get into flow all the time and leave a Legacy for good. The old world of ‘either/or’ where we flip-flop constantly is dead. Long live the world of ‘both’ in which purpose rules.

The common thread that runs through the lives of everyone who creates a legacy that humanity remembers, is belief in their vision for the world. They believe they have a greater mission to fulfil that goes way beyond them. This isn’t about killing the ego. It’s about using the ego effectively to fulfil a bigger purpose. Contrary to popular belief, ego isn’t inherently bad. It’s a tool to strengthen self-belief. However, it can flip both ways. A moment’s doubt is immediately reflected in the world around us and we are back in the either/or world of Control & Competition. Too much self-belief is equally dangerous. We become arrogant and end up flipping between God-like vision and acting like God. Walking the tightrope between these extremes requires just the right amount of faith and balancing the intuition in our gut with the intellect in our head. The unconscious with the conscious. This is the secret alchemists, sages, and enlightened artists have known for millennia.

‘All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.’
Marc Chagall, Russian artist

‘Maintain a state of balance between physical acts and inner serenity.’
Gautama Buddha

‘Human industry, especially during the past century, wreaks change far more quickly than nature can deal with. Where we tip the balance, we create desert, and at some point we may tip the balance planetwide.’
Yvon Chouinard, owner of Patagonia

New Life Requires Opposites
In Chinese philosophy, opposing forces are symbolized by the Yin, which refers to the negative, dark and feminine, and the Yang, which refers to the positive, light and masculine. One cannot exist without the other. Both are required to create. They complement each other. The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. In nature, this duality manifests as light and dark, fire and water, expansion and contraction. A baby is the fruit of opposites – masculine and feminine, sperm and egg, Yin and Yang. New life requires these opposites. So, does existence itself. Light cannot exist without dark, hot without cold, expansion without contraction. Existence combines the best of both worlds

The symptoms of the global imbalance are also visible within teams and organizations. Employees are more disengaged than ever from the work they do. According to Gallup’s latest State of The Global Workplace Survey, only fifteen percent of employees globally are engaged in their work. That figure drops to ten percent in Europe and six percent in East Asia. Employees are disengaged for many different reasons, but the underlying cause is always the same. They are disconnected from their work, because they don’t feel a sense of ownership over it and that has a knock-on effect outside these organizations.

Disconnection is the underlying cause of these symptoms, and we’re in denial about it. We avoid the obvious. We ignore the truth. We distract ourselves, because it’s too painful. We don’t want to suffer, but we end up suffering more. The cost of imbalance is mounting up and the day of reckoning is approaching. The only constant in each symptom is us – our hand lies behind each one. We are the cause. So, the only question worth asking is what can you do about it?

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