We build brilliance.

Is your organisation struggling with change? Are you overwhelmed by information, regulation or standardisation? Is the culture preventing you from generating the breakthrough ideas customers and shareholders expect? Are you more focused on managing risk rather than creating value? Are you are still working in silos or the matrix structure isn’t working?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

Who we are.

We are a growing network of WorldClass partners who share the belief that to tackle the biggest challenges humanity faces and generate sustainable customer value requires more breakthrough ideas. Our team consists of change agents, thought leaders, management consultants, artists and C-Level big thinkers. Between us we have over 100 years of experience working for leading organizations. And we’re now bringing that together to unleash the world’s creativity for good.










We believe an inspirational vision and breakthrough strategy is more important than ever. The secret is to create a vision that enables everyone to contribute and tackle the biggest challenges humanity faces. This is what we do. We involve key stakeholders to identify the opportunities to seize, the challenges to address and ensure your customers, shareholders and employees grow as the business grows.


We believe the answer to change isn’t out there. It is in your teams. Everyone can learn creativity and leadership skills and each of us is born with a unique gift. Our approach is designed to elevate these skills so both the organization and the individual fulfills its potential. This starts with instilling breakthrough beliefs, because we know everything we think, say and do originates in our beliefs. It ends with building brilliant teams.


The Industrial Age maxim – what was good for business was good for the employee – has been replaced by the Information Age maxim – what is good for the employee is good for business. We help companies create an operating model which enables brilliance to shine. We encapsulate it in a Team Charter – a 10-15 page summary that embeds your vision in the people, processes, priorities, projects and policies of your business.


We believe clients can become independent of consultants and consultants can build sustainable businesses for good. We help Change Managers, Innovation Managers and Innovative Consultants take their business to the next level, by developing 100-Day, 300-Day and 3 Year Plans based on a series of transition states that maximise customer value and take teams from A to B as elegantly and efficiently as possible.

How we work.

1 Talks: we inspire teams and transfer knowledge by writing and delivering keynote speeches and team talks. We have done this for hundreds of teams all over the world. We can deliver these talks or coach one of your senior management team to do it.

2 Training: we facilitate MasterClasses to elevate skills. Over the last 5 years we have run over 1,000 workshops in over 20 countries. We support these MasterClasses with webinars, videos and manuals to help your teams continue learning.

3 Mentoring: we guide you and your teams through the challenges of transition. We appoint a Change Director to assist and mentor you at every step of the journey. His or her task is to transfer knowledge and ensure the transition is successful.