Do you want to become more visionary in the way you lead?
Do you feel like you’re alone - that no-one sees quite what you see?
Are you a business leader with a team that doesn’t quite get it or a coach trying to build a sustainable business doing what you love?
Are you working flat out to build your dream and are in danger of burning out?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a series of programs designed to help.

  • Your Inner Game is how you interact with the world inside you. Intuition and imagination are doorways into your Inner Game. Some traditions call this inner world your essence, unconscious mind or soul. We help you articulate it by defining your personal vision or Life Purpose and your Essence, or personal lens on the world. And then we help you to access it more easily. Your Outer Game is how you interact with the world outside you. Your first five senses, mindset and creativity are how you interact with your outside world. Some traditions call this outer world your personality, essence or ego. It consists of your behaviors and strengths. We help you understand these strengths and behaviors and leverage them more effectively to fulfill your personal vision.

  • Format: 4x one-hour mentoring sessions.

  • Your mindset links your Inner Game and your Outer Game. It is based on your beliefs. Align your beliefs with your personal vision for 30 days and miracles happen. This is the secret that all visionary leaders - from Nelson Mandela to Richard Branson, from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk - have mastered. Our 30 day program is designed to do just this.

  • Format: 30x 5-10 minute podcasts with homework and mentoring support.

  • The creative spirit within wants to express itself in the external world. Turning your vision into tangible reality is the hardest step. We help you do this by defining a series of customer profiles, a value proposition that generates value for your customers and you and 3-5 experiments that will bring this value proposition to life. Experiments are individual projects. We think of them as bets, which respond to change. The best experiments don’t control the future, they create it. We also help you to create a 100-Day Plan, which is designed to build momentum and ensure these experiments come to life.
    An additional option covers the full business model - how you use the value proposition to generate value - and a Team Charter, which embeds the vision in the daily operations - the priorities, people, products, projects, policies, processes, principles, performance indicators etc.

  • Format: 1-2 day workshop or retreat.

  • We can provide ongoing support in the form of mentoring to help you turn these experiments into reality.